Dec. 13, 2023

HARRISBURG – State Reps. Michael Stender (R-Northumberland/Montour) and Joanne Stehr (R-Northumberland/Schuylkill) announced today the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) has awarded $4,000 in funding to the Northumberland County Historical Society.

“I’m thrilled the Northumberland County Historical Society’s has been awarded this generous grant. The additional funding will help this remarkable organization preserve and highlight the rich history of our community,” said Stehr. “With this support, our local historical society can continue its impactful work, guaranteeing that the heritage of our community is preserved for future generations.”

This funding has been awarded through PHMC’s Cultural and Historical Grant Program. The program provides general operating support to Pennsylvania museums and historical societies not directly supported by other state programs.

“The Northumberland County Historical Society is a leading source in understanding the local historical value of our community,” said Stender. “This grant not only preserves our roots but also plant seeds for a future where the echoes of our heritage resonate with strength and purpose. The community is quite grateful.”

Grants were awarded using a formula based on a percentage of each organization’s annual operating budget. Grants were awarded to 158 organizations across 58 of the Commonwealth’s 67 counties.

Representative Michael Stender
108th Legislative District
Representative Joanne Stehr
107th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Stender Media Contact: Huntre Keip 717-772-9837
Stehr Media Contact: William Jones 717-260-6615